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Transfer Your Home Movies To DVD

Do you an have old camcorder video stuck on a tape collecting dust? There’s a reason you don’t watch them anymore. In today’s digital age, videotape is becoming archaic. Who wants to fast forward and rewind through a videotape anymore when you can easily navigate by skipping around on a DVD. Plus, transferring to digital stops the deterioration process of the magnetic tape itself.

Up To 1 Hours Of Video Per DVD For $40Home-Video

For the best quality result, we transfer up to 1 hours of your video to each DVD. The process is a straight transfer of the raw footage from the tape to the DVD. Navigating the disc will be easy. Each chapter point skips 10-15 minutes so you can quickly jump to different parts of your video. Just provide us with the video in VHS, VHS-C, or MiniDV tape format and specify what video content you want on each 1 hour DVD. Additional copies of a DVD is $15ea.

Additional add-on to your DVD. Home Movies To Flash Drive (Digital Format)

We can also put your home video to flash drive as well (MPG4) for $40 per 1 hours. Additional copies of a Flash Drive is $15ea.

We courier all work to your doorstep

  • Free courier within New Zealand

Customization Service

If you are looking for special editing, please contact us let us know at the time of your transfer. Our customization services are $35 per half an hour.

What Is Included

Each copy includes two DVD’s a Master* and a general playback DVD both are printable label disc. The disc comes in a full-size DVD paper case. The DVD menu will also be named with the subject of the video. We do not provide customization on the menu.

*The Master DVD is for making extra copies only. Never use the Master DVD for general playback. For good practice, you should replace the Master DVD every 10 years.

$40 deposit is required per tape before any work is carried out.

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