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Transfer Your Home Movies To DVD

Do you have an old camcorder video stuck on a tape collecting dust? There’s a reason you don’t watch them anymore. In today’s digital age, videotape is becoming archaic. Who wants to fast forward and rewind through a videotape anymore when you can easily navigate by skipping around on a DVD. Plus, transferring to digital stops the deterioration process of the magnetic tape itself.

Up To 1 Hours Of Video Per DVD For $40Home-Video

For the best quality result, we transfer your video to a DVD. The process is a straight transfer of the raw footage from the tape to the DVD. Navigating the disc will be easy. Each chapter point skips 10-15 minutes so you can quickly jump to different parts of your video. Just provide us with the video in VHS, VHS-C, or MiniDV tape format.  $40 for each hour of tape, with the third hour free. Additional copies of a DVD is $15ea.

Additional add-on to your DVD. Home Movies To Flash Drive (Digital Format)

We can also put your home video on a flash drive as well (MPG4) for only $15.
Additional copies of a Flash Drive is $15ea.

We courier all work to your doorstep

  • Free courier within New Zealand

Customization Service

If you are looking for special editing, please contact us to let us know at the time of your transfer. Our customization services are $35 per half an hour.

What Is Included

Each copy includes two DVDs’ a Master* and a general playback DVD both are printable label discs. The disc comes in a full-size DVD paper case. The DVD menu will also be named with the subject of the video. We do not provide customization on the menu.

*The Master DVD is for making extra copies only. Never use the Master DVD for general playback. For good practice, you should replace the Master DVD every 10 years.

A $40 deposit is required per tape before any work is carried out.

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