Balls and Formals

These occasions are about looking your best. When so much time, effort and expense is spent before the event to look absolutely amazing, it makes perfect sense to hire a photographer who can ensure this effort is properly rewarded, recorded and remembered. Once there, after all that effort is expended, it is time to just relax, socialise and have fun. And this is where we come in, to take over the responsibility of ‘how everyone looks’!

When you choose to have McRobie Studios attend your function, you are choosing photographers who are committed to making sure everyone enjoys their night and, more importantly, remembers their enjoyment with the highest level in quality photography. Our photographer is there for the entire event, not just the bare minimum. And like the guests, our efforts extend to before the event. We prepare by consulting with the organisers on all aspects of the photography, especially the location, background and theme of the evening.

We offer all this at no cost involved to the organising committee (provided you have over 100 guests), not to mention complimentary photos are available for school magazines. Plus, we now offer a great online photo system that is specially designed so students can obtain high-quality professional photography at the least expense possible.

Choose McRobie Studios and your Ball or Formal will look its best; both on the night, and through the lens.

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Our Prices
We are offering ‘Free’ Unlimited High Quality Downloads from our website. All photos are upload within 24 hours of the function being photograph. Each function is given a link and a secure password. Email your downloaded photos to friends, family or upload them to your facebook page. We charge per person attending, to supply this service.

100-150 guests $10.00 per person

150-250 guests $9.00 per person

250 plus guests $8.00 per person

(out of town functions please add $2 per person to the above prices)

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