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Never is it more apparent how swiftly time progresses then in your first year of parenthood. The changes occurring in your baby’s first year of life are so fleeting and fragile. As each day sweeps past, brimming with emotion, it is common to feel an underlying uneasiness about how rapidly these moments drift by. Even as we experience and cherish such moments, we find ourselves scrambling to scoop them up, to conserve them, or freeze them, before they wash past us forever.

Photography is a static medium that defies the flow of time. Like a dam in a river, or ice in a creek – photography resists the flow and allows us to freeze precious moments in time.

With over 35 years of experience, McRobie Studios are experts at capturing the most emotive and expressive moments of your baby’s first year. Our Baby Club offers a series of portrait photographs, showing the rapid changes that take place in the first year of life. We photograph your baby at around three, six, nine and twelve months, to capture the milestones that occur around these ages.

We offer membership to our Baby Club for one incredibly low fee because we want you to meet us at McRobie Studios. We know that once you do, you’ll love our work and will become a customer for life. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. And remember: you may delay, but time will not.

Four Print Collection
Membership to McRobie’s Baby Club costs just $399
Some More Information

Our Baby Club Portrait is a series of photographs showing the rapid changes that take place in the first year of life. We photograph your baby at around three, six, nine and twelve months, trying to capture milestones that occur around these ages. Membership to McRobie’s Baby Club costs just $399. This gives you four full portrait sessions of your baby and at the end of 12 months you receive a 10×20 inch framed photo which includes images you chose from each of the four sessions along with your baby’s name, coloured borders and even their date of birth.

This has a normal retail price of $1099. You save $700
Because this is such a good deal, spaces are strictly limited, call us now!
Why are we doing this so cheaply? We simply want you to meet us at McRobie Studios. We know that once you do, you’ll love our work and you’ll be a customer for life.

Photo Session

Three month session: We need to be able to photograph your baby lying on his or her front while they hold their head up, even if it is only for a few seconds. Please “practice” with your baby before coming in for your scheduled appointment. Lay your baby on a blanket on the floor and bring both hands in front of your baby’s chest. Hold your hand “on top” of your baby’s hands and the head should “pop” up. This session lasts 40 minutes and we will also book you in for a separate 30 minute viewing session a few days later. This is a great time to bring along family members who may also like to view the photos.

Six month session: We need a photograph of your baby sitting upright on their own, nice straight back, without falling over. Allow 30 minutes in total for this session. This includes time to view the images and choose the one you’d like for the portrait series.

Nine month session: We need a photograph of your baby standing whilst holding onto something for support. This also is a 30 minute session including viewing time.

Twelve month session: Arguably the most important. We really want a photo of your baby standing by themselves, no help, Maybe even taking a step or two, but not walking freely. If your baby is walking more than two steps, call us now to move your appointment forward. Allow 30 minutes here also.

Please practice these poses with your baby, they are important. Should your baby not be able to pose as required for the session, simply give us a call and reschedule for a week or two later.

Nine Print Collection
Nine favourite images from the three month session together on the one print. Mounted, laminated and framed. Total size 400mm square. $349
Packages only display on website. Please contact us below if you wish to receive a full price list.
What should my baby wear?
That’s up to you. Dress them in whatever clothing you are happy to have a portrait taken in. Please arrive with your baby dressed and ready to go. Clothing for the three month session should be easy to remove as, with your permission, we’d like to photograph them with bare skin. Two outfits is more than enough changing for your baby’s patience. Solid colours are better than stripes or patterns.
Should we bring anything else?
Yes, bring your baby’s favourite toy and any tricks you have learnt to try and make them smile.
How do we get to your studio?
Our portrait studio is located just south of the Octagon in Bond Street just down from The Clean Carwash on Crawford Street. We have FREE 10 minute parking directly outside our studio including FREE 60 minute parking around our area.
Can I order some extra photos now?
Yes, of course. All prints fall under our normal portrait price list. As a member of our baby club you are entitled to a 10% discount off these prices, please ask us for a copy. We also have additional products exclusive for Baby Club members. See below.

More Info

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to get a quote for your photographic needs. You can use the form below to email us, simply fill in your details (Name, Email Address, Message required) and click ‘Submit”.

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